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Default MX DNS Records

I would like to know what to put for the MX records of client sites I host.
Environment: - - This is the address and IP of the physical hardware. It runs the mail server, - This is the domain name of the client website.

I have a few choices as I see it.
1. Just set the MX record to for every client.
2. Set the MX record to and have an A record pointing ->
3. Set the MX record to and have an CNAME record pointing ->

I'm trying to figure out what the best thing to do is from:
1. A maintenance point of view (likely to move servers in the future)
2. Receiving servers point of view (are any of the options less likely to get email from bounced / help with reverse DNS lookups)

Thanks in advance.

ISPConfig: 2.2.35
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