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Default I think country code for my country is wrong in ssl ispconfig 3

Well i just got positivessl from namecheap but i can't set it. When i try to add certificate on namecheap website i get error

"CS" is not a valid ISO-3166 country code!

When i want to add certificate request on namecheap for my website i go to my ispconfig 3 controlpanel and in my website under ssl i generate ssl and select ssl request to add it to positivessl but i get error from above.

I did little search and on wikipedia

CS code is known as Serbia and montenegro but this is obsolete now because Serbia and Montenegro are no longer together. So for my country Serbia, country code is RS or SRB.

And in ispconfig on ssl website tab i don't have option to select Serbia in country list, only Serbia and Montenegro so my guess is that ispconfig 3 still use old country code for my country and i can't get ssl now from namecheap.

How can i update this, or change somehow manually to get proper ssl request code in my ispconfig so i can get positivessl verification from namecheap.
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