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Originally Posted by till View Post
I installed the latest ispconfig version on centos 6.3 and the aps installer works flawlessly. I used the vmware download of the perfect setup for this test, so it is a exact copy of the perfect setup guide without any modifications except of updating ispconfig to first.
I thought that I should give this idea a go.

First, I am wondering why you picked CentOS6.3 instead of the CentOS6.4 as described in this thread.

Second, I am wondering if you wouldn't mind updating the instructions for importing VMware images into the free player. As it currently stands the instructions found here are worthless. The links don't work that are supposed to point to the proper downloads. Then, when you find the proper download, you can't follow the instructions, because the the player doesn't look anythng like the player described in the instructions. Then, when you install the player, it asks you questions that are not covered in the instructions.

Third, the instructions say to open the .vmx file into your player. I noticed that some of your VMware images available for download, don't have a .vmx file in the zipped download. For example, the CentOS 6.4 Perfect Server Setup that I am having problems with, is one of the downloads that doesn't have a .vmx file in it. Exactly how do you load one of these images into the VMware player please?

Fourth, once you do find a download that does have a .vmx file in it, how do you log in as the root user? The tutorial doesn't give the root password, nor does it give a pasword on the images downloads page.

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