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Exclamation Hi Darin & Rich - Can you help me with this? It's driving me crazy...

Darin & Rich

There is 2 threads. 1 where the problem is discussed and 1 thread from 4.58 this morning where I tried, again, to explain the problem so that you guys have a chance to se what the problem is - I know someone can solve it, if only I could explain it the right way
I would so very much like you to look at it, because I am in a really unhappy situation now. Please look at it when you have got the time If you did see it, I'm sorry for that. I'm getting pretty confused - and pretty g.. d... desperate

Here's thread 1:

Here's thread 2:

Is there some kind of test/log that I could show you which would make it easier for you to help me? Is there some kind of service from inhere (the forum) where I can get som online help? I read somewhere, that help regarding ispconfig 3 configuration was offered, and cost's X euro. I'm not sure where I saw it, but I pretty sure it was some of the same places as the ispconfig 3 manual was downloaded. I'm so lost now and I looked so much forward to designing my internetshop - not fighting this problem..

Thanks for your help guys...

Kind Regards,
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