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Originally Posted by markc View Post
I just posted a quick reply and got a nginx error. Quick points...

Use a DMZ if your router supports it. That sends ALL traffic to the internal server.

Set your web server to listen to the internal LAN IP of the server.

Set your DNS TTL to 300 so your resource records propagate in 5 minutes.
Hi Markc,

I saw the other post and replied there - further down I think But forgot to ask about one thing, setting the DNS TTL to 300, do you mean all of them? including the A-record "NS1" which is the Glue-record for the domain used to the nameserver.

Idea: The router/modem from my ISP, has a funny way to set things up. Not at all like Dlink DIR655 a router I used some time ago - Here things were in their right places. In the new router/modem (a Sagem i think) from my ISP (TDC@Denmark) things overlap, is placed umong umrelated things etc. But,
Instead or together with the "Static DNS" --> myserveripnumber , would it help if I try make an "Fixed Connection(transl from danish) " --> MAC-address IPnumber:

[Add connection]
IP adresse: ... - ... - ... - ...
MAC adresse: 00 : 00 : 00 : 00 : 00 : 00

Could this be it? I will not just try because if anyone of you who asked me for screendumps of config files etc. is working on a solution, this would complicate things and result in you wasting your time. I can't se the server and mac-adresse in the list but maybe this is because it is set for static dns, DMZ or for some other reason. I made a ifconfig eth0 in the shell of the server and forund the ethernet mac-adresse there, or so I think it is

Well, I am sitting hear on my a.. and this I will be doing until some magic wizard comes along...

Looking forward to hear from you..

Kind Regards,
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