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Exclamation DMZ, Webserver to listen & DNS TTL

Originally Posted by markc View Post
Has your router got an option to configure and internal IP as a DMZ? Is so then that will let ALL traffic through to the internal server on your private LAN network. Your external port scan indicates that port 80 is open but that doesn't say whether that is port 80 on the router or the one forwarded to on the internal server.

When you configure the webserver, tell it to listen on the INTERNAL LAN IP and on your linux desktop add "192.168.xx.xx yourdomainname.tld" to /etc/hosts to force your browser to go directly to the webserver on the LAN IP.

Also, when testing your DNS, set all your TTL settings to 300 seconds so any changes propagate within about 5 to 10 minutes.

Hi Markc,

DMZ is enabled, and forwardet to myserverip which is . First I just opened the ports needed for ISPconfig but to solve this problem I enabled DMZ !! I wil insert a screendump of my portforwarding list. DNZ is listed in the bottom of this list. The list will be inserted in the bottom of this post!

[... webserver, tell it to listen on the INTERNAL LAN IP etc.]
I thinks this may be whats wrong - It sounds like it could be it, but where do I set this up? First the webserver, this is what I really need! Later, I would like the fix for the desktop as well.

[..set all your TTL settings to 300 seconds]
I will do that right away!

PortForwarding List & DMZ:

Navn Aktiveret Status Protokol Fra port Til port Omdirigerings port Lokal IP adresse Funktion

SecureShell/SecureFTP Yes ENABLED TCP 22 22 22
ISPConfig3 ControlPanel Yes ENABLED TCP 8080 8080 8080
POP3 Email (usikker) Yes ENABLED TCP 110 110 110
SMTP Email Yes ENABLED TCP 25 25 25
FTP Server Yes ENABLED TCP 21 21 21
NameServer Yes ENABLED UDP 53 53 53
NameServer Yes ENABLED TCP 53 53 53
ISPConfig3 Webmail Yes ENABLED TCP 8081 8081 8081
WebServer HTTP Yes ENABLED TCP 80 80 80
IMAP Email (usikker) Yes ENABLED TCP 143 143 143
FTP data Yes ENABLED TCP 20 20 20
WebServer Https (sikker) Yes ENABLED TCP 443 443 443
IMAPs Email tls/ssl(sikker) Yes ENABLED TCP 993 993 993
POP3 Email tls/ssl(sikker) Yes ENABLED TCP 995 995 995
3306? Yes ENABLED TCP 3306 3306 3306
3306? Yes ENABLED UDP 3306 3306 3306
10000? Yes ENABLED TCP 10000 10000 10000

Opret en ny regel
[ ] UPnP

Sorry about the order, couldn't get it to look any better here, i tried! It looked great in the textfield but not efter being posted

I am sitting right here the next 12 hours hoping any of you will have the time to get me through this.

Kind Regards,
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