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Originally Posted by danhansen@denmark View Post

A mydomain.tld. 0 3600
A mail 0 3600
A ns1 0 86400
A www 0 3600
MX mydomain.tld. mail.mydomain.tld. 10 3600
NS mydomain.tld. ns1.mynameserver.tld. 0 3600
NS mydomain.tld. 3600
Hello Dan,

As Rich said use your external WAN IP for the A records. Above you are using the LAN IP and that will cause the websites to work locally.

After changing the records to WAN IP, test your website from an external source than your LAN... i.e. go to webpagetest . org and test the domains or public ip from there. (if you are testing the domain make sure you use online dns test tools to see if dns is replicated and responds to the correct public ip).

If that works then the issue is your client computer / lan. The websites are available to the outside world but not your lan, this might be a server hosts.file, dns or apache configuration issue.
You can also quick fix this by editing your windows operating system host file, and force your lan computer to use the local ip insted of the public ip.
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