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Originally Posted by treeman View Post
Had to set the MTU on the network card to match the MTU on the modem/router. Max MTU on modem was lower then network card, after setting network card MTU to match or lower everything started to come through.
I've been looking for some time on this subject, this is the first post where I addressed, I was beginning to think I was the only one with this problem, although it is a pretty old post, I would appreciate if someone can answer. My router has an MTU of 9164, is connected directly to a PC with Windows Server 2003 and MDaemon 9.6. I set the MTU in 1500 that as I have read is the default for ethernet in windows, but I'm still with the same problem: some transactions exhaust their timeout after DATA command, for example, occurs fairly with hotmail. Any help would be welcome
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