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Default Install dovecot on Centos 6.4

I have follow this howto:
10 Install Dovecot
Dovecot can be installed as follows:
yum install dovecot dovecot-mysql
Now create the...
The command for install 'sieve' too is:
yum install dovecot dovecot-mysql dovecot-pigeonhole
Now, this is my dovecot* installed:
[root@s-ispc log]# yum list|grep dovecot|grep @
dovecot.x86_64                             1:2.0.9-5.el6                @base   
dovecot-mysql.x86_64                       1:2.0.9-5.el6                @base   
dovecot-pigeonhole.x86_64                  1:2.0.9-5.el6                @base
Hope this help

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