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Exclamation SOS - please help me. This may be very easy for some of you experts :)


System information: Ubuntu Server 10.04
ISPconfig 3 v.
Single Server Setup with primary nameserver, webserver, mailserver, sqlserver.

I may have made the dummest error of all times, but having been fighting nameservers and related problems for 4 days in a row, my head is full of s... !
Question: ISPconfig controlpanel > DNS > records: when creating a A-record you enter a ipnumber. Is it the public ip number ex. or is it the local serverip ex. ??? If it is, where Else will I have to chance from outside/public ip to local iserveripnumber?

I was reading and looking for reasons to why I cant get it to work. Has only been able to ftp locally using the serveripnumber. Cant reach websites or anything using domains. Then I found this site and I noticed that it was local ipnumbers which was used:

Looking very much forward to your response.

Kind Regards,
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