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Originally Posted by monkfish View Post
Yes, that I know.

I was raising the fact that is is REQUIRED to be filled in if you use that page to modify any other settings.
I still believe there is a minor logic flaw on that page?
It's certainly a logical flaw. I have the same problem. Once you click the 'Mail' tab in the server configuration, you're control panel starts throwing errors and becomes stuck on that page. From there, you cannot change tabs to the other settings, even if you are NOT changing any values in the Mail tab. The only way to get unstuck from that page is to click on one of the main tabs in the topmost navigation bar. Even then, some of those tabs don't respond on the first click, and you must click them a second time.

Thanks for bringing up this problem along with all the other things that I have reported in the forums for CentOS 6.4 Perfect Server with ISPConfig.

Maybe someone will start posting all these things in the bugtracker that till is referring to.
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