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Exclamation Reinstallation complete, OS upgrade complete - creating NS-records

Hi Darin,

Reinstallation complete & OS upgrade complete.
Setting Nameserver records up - has to be ready 8.00 am - where the domain used for the nameserver/which is hosting itself will be "redirected" (ns modified, doesn't know the uk word for this)

Testing/Nameserver Lookup:
; Candidate name server:
; Asked for mydomain.tld, type ANY
; 209 octets from
; Response code: NOERROR
; Answer contains 5 answers to your query.

Still, there were those warnings mentioned above/below regarding [Tue Apr 02 00:05:21 2013] [warn] NameVirtualHost *:443 has no VirtualHosts
and some notifications during the OS release-upgrade as mentioned below/above..

Signing off until 7 am. Need a brake
Kind Regards,
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