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Hi Darin

Forgot to tell you this:

New fast internet line only for this project
Static IP
All ports opened in router --> server ip number
Primary nameserver --> ns1.mydomain.tld (approved by danish top level domain provider, is this the right english word?)
Secondary nameserver --> ns2.somedanishdomainservice.tld

Ubuntu Server 10.04
ISPconfig3 - Single server setup (own primary nameserver, as mentioned above)
Tutorial: The Perfect Server - ISPConfig3 - Ubuntu Server 10.04
And: Downloaded manual for ISPConfig3 by Falko Timme

I have been thinking about some of the advices I have been given in here. I've been told that "dovecot" was to prefer from "courier" and to use MyDNS instead of BIND. But I can't find a tutorial with these and ubuntu 10.04 together. I have seached ISPConfig/documentation and on howtoforge too. I found one but this would mean I had to switch to ubuntu 12.04 or 12.10. I am not qualified to modify these torials myself. Therefore I am sticking to this tutorial and following it to the letter. To have a chance of making it work. This is the third time I am reinstall the server and I need it to work on tuesday. I need a webserver up and running with php and perl. And my nameserver, now an public nameserver, need to answer on tuesday too.
I am not sure, but I think I read somewhere, that it is possible to get some help online, directly from some off the express? Just can't remember who and where I saw it.

The reinstallation will be done this evening. I've been working through the night but I still have some reading to do before I press on with the ISPConfig3 installation.

So, if anyone knows who and where to go for some direct/online "ISPConfig3" help on this installation. Please don't hesitate to call out.

Sorry if there is some "funny" words here and there, I am writing from my smartphone with danish spellchecking

Looking so much forward to hear from you.

Kind Regards,
Dan Hansen

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