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Red face Reainstalling the server.


Thanks for all the answers. I decided to reinstall the server using all the great help/ideas I received in here. I also downloades Falkos manual, 1 day before the new one came, but anyway, I now am looking forward to the result. My new domain is ip and running, my nameserver has been approved by the danish top domain provider. I am having a little problem "redirecting" (change primary nameserver) for the domain used as nameserver because it is hosting itself. The danish top domain provider won't allow me to "redirect" (chance nameserver) because the nameserver does not exist. But, the nameservers is approved by themself and can be seen as approved on their own website. I guess this is because of the egg<>hen problem. I did inform them and I did set it up the correct way with a glue-record. I guess this is why the nameserver got approved of. Well, I will just have to wait and call them again requesting some support regarding this matter.

I am not sure, but is it possible to get some support directly by somebody in here? I believe to have seen something about that. It will godt, I know, but I really have to be up and running soon. I have an approved nameserver and all that.
Now I reinstall the server using the manual, and them we will see.

Any kind of input would be great.

Kind Regards
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