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Default SNI Disabled

The best method to avoid this SSL error is to disable the SNI feature completely. Prior to the SNI option set in ISPConfig, I ran my servers as such:

WAN IP for main DNS (Public static), then

LAN IP I only use one: e.g 192.168.11.XX

I have 5 shared boxes running this set-up (no extra LAN ips) and all browsers resolve them just fine without this feature.

Some may or may not know - Android OS, iOS, Blackberry, etc. smartphones, tablets and such tend to give SSL's a harder time.

I haven't had a single issue as long as I validated them with a CA Authority.

Best solution as of today - $5.99 Godaddy cert. Works fine running:

Static WAN IP >> LAN IP (in ISPConfig) without SNI. One box has perhaps 15 or so SSLs on the exact same LAN IP (192.168.11.XX) with no issues in browsers or tablets, smartphones, mobile web, mobile apps, etc....


P.S. This is using Apache 2.2, not nginx (have no knowledge of nginx), so please restart apache server after reconfiguration.

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