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Default Updating or Installing ISPConfig 3 Turns Pure-FTPD TLS Back Off

Whenever I run update.php or install.php from ispconfig3_install/install/, The TLS option in Pure-FTPD is turned back off.

The tutorial here tells you to turn on TLS in step 16, Then, in step 24, when you install ISPConfig, it will turn TLS back off. You must then go back and uncomment the TLS option in the file /etc/pure-ftpd/pure-ftpd.conf and restart Pure-FTPD. The tutorial does not mention that you will no longer have TLS enabled after installing ISPConfig. Shouldn't the Pure-FTPD TLS option be configured AFTER installing ISPConfig, if ISPConfig is just going to turn it back off?

Is this behavior in ISPConfig a bug?

Tested On:
ISPConfig - CentOS 6.4
ISPConfig - CentOS 6.3
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