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Originally Posted by monkfish View Post
Cannot offer an exact fix, just what I came across...

I just upgraded a few versions on CentOS hardware that did not have the APS functionality in and on one machine got a similar error to you.

I did 3 fresh installs and it all works first time out of the box. Other glitches I came across have nothing to do with APS installer.

On my Centos 6.4 x86_64 architecture it turns out that the machine that was failing did not have proper dns resolution. This was traced to an update of the bind package that inserts a line into /etc/named.conf looking for a non-existent file (/etc/named.conf.local). So named refused to start. On clicking "update package list" the machine had no dns and therefore couldnt grab the list.

Once resolved ("touch /etc/named.conf.local" and "service named restart") it worked. This is a distro problem and NOT an ispconfig problem.
Not saying thats your issue, just describing what happened my end.
Thank you for confirming that you had 3 successful installs where the APS Installer works fine. It appears that I am the only one having this issue. Not on 1, but all 3 installations. I still don't know why my APS Installer doesn't work.

I checked my /etc/named.conf.local file and restarted named. DNS appears to be working fine.

Everything else appears to be working fine. Any more help is appreciated. Thanks for the help everyone.
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