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Default minor issues


Using CentOS 6.4 x86_64 installationm a few issues with ispconfig I have not come across before, wasnt sure whether to put as separate issues but here they are:-

- modifying server config/mail settings results in an error "Please specify valid RBL hostnames" if that field is left empty. eg. I move /var/vmail to a different volume /data/vmail and update the location in ispconfig system >> server config ?? mail. When I hit save I get the above error if RBL field is empty.

- php_open_basedir
On a new installation it appears "/usr/share/php" is repeated twice in web domain options PHP open_basedir.
On an upgrade it appears that the new functionality for "private" folder is not added into php_open_basedir, nor if tools >> resync websites is run.

- dovecot
again on new install of x86_64 version, dovecot fails to start complaining of missing files. I think there might already be another post on this.

ln -s /etc/dovecot/dovecot-sql.conf /etc/dovecot-sql.conf
ln -s /etc/dovecot/dovecot.conf /etc/dovecot.conf

fixes the issue.

- monitoring / mail
Would it be possible to "split" monitoring of mail services into something like secure/non-secure. eg with using courier I only use IMAPS/POP3S and disable the non-secure protocols from starting. ispconfig however reports there is an error as its expecting both secure/nonsecure to be present. Any way of enabling/disabling?

Thanks for looking and Thanks for ispconfig!

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