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Default Resolvconf Problem - cannot set nameservers

I am running Ubuntu 12.10 with ISPConfig

I am trying to setup my ISPs nameservers but resolv.conf is never changing. It's stuck on nameserver

I tried editing /etc/network/interfaces and inserted dns-nameservers then resolvconf -u and then ifdown eth0 && ifup eth0. No result

I tried editing /etc/resolvconf/resolvconf.d/base with same parameters, again no result.

I tried disabling resolvconf updates as well as edit the dhcpclient.conf in both /etc/dhcp and /etc/dhcp3 with the prepent-domain again no result.

I'm already frustrated enough and cannot think of anything else to try. I tried google but all the solutions proposed are mentioned above and don't work.

Any help is appreciated
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