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Originally Posted by till View Post
Tested it roday with the current svn stable version and it works fine on Debian and Ubuntu.
I have now found what caused my problems: On my server I have several domains, one of them being my main domain ( Thus the /etc/mailname was set to, which also happens to be one of the domains on the server. So from my understanding, the postfix mail handling that led to the problems worked as follows:

1) Mail to list-name@some-domain.tld comes in, postfix detects it's a virtual mailbox domain.
2) virtual-mailman map maps "list-name@some-domain.tld" to "list-name" (without domain)
3) domain "" is implied from /etc/mailname
4) domain "" is not in mydestination list in /etc/postfix/, but rather in virtual_mailbox_domains
5) postfix tries to deliver it not as a local mail (using aliases), but tries to look up the in the MySQL database (where it can't find an entry).

As soon as I changed the /etc/mailname to a name not equal to an ISPConfig-handled domain, local delivery for "list-name" (with the implied domain as given in /etc/mailname) kicked in and the mailinglists started working...

However, I don't like having to use an internal hostname in /etc/mailname, but would prefer having my main domain there...

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