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Default New IP (and cert) to old site brings "welcome"-page

Using Ispconfig version with Centos. I have stumbled into a problematic case:
A site needed SSL, so I ordered the certificate (rapid ssl) using the CSR in the site's panel. I assigned an IP ...250 (unused) instead of the "*" and inserted the certificate and bundle.

Suddenly the site showed the "welcome"-page instead of the real deal. I changed the ip back to "*" instead of the new ip.

Every time I selected the ip ....250 the site shows the wrong page, and luckily it helps selecting the "*" back.

I tried to select another ip ...249 and then the site worked until I entered the certificate. After that the "welcome" page appeared instead.

The https:// just reports self signed certificate instead of the installed one.

I have checked the ssl-box and read the instructions, but am I doing something wrong? An earlier installed certificate is working for another site and ip on the system.

... And as always, thank you developers for the exceptional ISPconfig, it has been good to me during 6 or so years of use.
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