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The fix that I provided was accepted from what I can see, but I think that the logic needs to be more complete.

For one thing, we should check to see if the file is in the theme. I don't think that we should have to place the file in the ISPConfig3 directories. Then, we should check for it in ISPConfig3 directory. If it doesn't exist, then we should include nothing.

if ( file_exists(ISPC_WEB_PATH.'/themes/' . $_SESSION['s']['user']['app_theme'] . '/tools/lib/interface.d/tpl_' . $_SESSION['s']['user']['app_theme'] . '.menu.php')) {

	include_once(ISPC_WEB_PATH.'/themes/' . $_SESSION['s']['user']['app_theme'] . '/tools/lib/interface.d/tpl_' . $_SESSION['s']['user']['app_theme'] . '.menu.php');

} elseif ( file_exists(ISPC_WEB_PATH.'/tools/lib/interface.d/tpl_' . $_SESSION['s']['user']['app_theme'] . '.menu.php')) {

	include_once(ISPC_WEB_PATH.'/tools/lib/interface.d/tpl_' . $_SESSION['s']['user']['app_theme'] . '.menu.php');

} else { };
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