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Default Regarding ISPConfig / CentOS 6.4 Tutorial


I suppose this may be able to go under two topics (ISPConfig or Tutorials). This is in regards to Falko's tutorial "The Perfect Server, CentOS 6.4 x86_64 & ISPConfig".

I noticed during about 3/4 of the tutorial, the additions of Memcache(d), PHP-FPM for ISPConfig 3 as a separate link. I followed these, but the build process failed because there were several file paths that were unknown. I only used the --enable php-fpm for Apache 2.2 (not Nginx) or other listed options.

Then I realized that the link stated CentOS 6.3 versus 6.4. Could this be the maker / breaker? It wouldn't seem as such, but perhaps someone may be able to correct me here?

Thanks in advance...
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