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Default IspConfig 3 load balancing

Hello forgers!

Although I use howtoforge daily, I have always found answers to my questions in these forums. But now... I just can't get any further .

I need to setup load balancing on a server that runs ISPconfig. My setup is as follows: 1x IspConfig server, 2x Webserver, 1x MySQL server.
I have already, succesfully installed ISPconfig on its server and the other servers are configurable on the gui. (Ispconfig is installed on them too, but without the webgui part).

I understand that you can add websites through the gui, but I have to make them on the webservers first, through vhosting, because I have a s***load of websites. So I cannot find anything to add existing websites and make them load balance through server activity.

So, just to make things clear. If my webservers are and, They both are replicated with each having the same vhosts and everything. The IspConfig server should redirect all activity through server activity. So if 101 has 15 active sessions and 102 has 16, the next visitor will end up on 101 and vice versa.

My thanks to all of you who took the time to read this.
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