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well im also building a freenas server here at school so that the system can be integrated after I leave. But, for now.. my capstone is very simple.

Samba: create a file that is shared between linxu/windows. and have permissions so that windows side can edit the file. that's it. All I had to do with this was give permissions for windows to change files before I had to restart.

FTP: create a directory if the different IT classes offered that are taught by different teachers during different semesters. put a file in each directory and successfully and share it to a student. I made no progress on this before the restart because I had issues with suse getting ANY ftp software to work.

I dunno if I could get it all done in 10 minutes with freenas, because its still foreign to me lol but as long as I get it done, then I get it done. and they are ok with however we get the capstone done.
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