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Unhappy Multiple php versions - varius issues

Hello everyone, i hope time finds you well!

I have followed the tutorial bellow in order to install the php 5.4.12 as i already had 5.3.6 installed from a repo. Also i recently upgraded my ispconfig3 version to the latest stable version.

The issues i am facing are:

a) When i select php 5.4.12 on a web site the base 5.3.6 version is still used

I noticed on /etc/init.d/php-5.4.12-fpm: the error "line 1: N: command not found" when starting / stoping
Edit 22-03 the error above is not shown any more.
I had some dependencies of php missed and did the hole procedure for every php version again.
My php-cgi versions are woking ok, php-fpm are not

b) SuEXEC option is not working for php-fpm no matter what php version i select.

Allow me to note that for my base version 5.3.6 i see no with-fpm command on configure options so php should not have fpm.

So how is it:
1) the Ispconfig panel brings me the php-fpm as an option on the web site selection.
2) i see php-fpm proccess running with the top command and the sites are running ok( on either php version selected).

Apart from that i have searched both Apaches and clients error_log with not significant error.

I have attached 2 screens from the ispconfig of the php versions because i am out of ideas...

System info:
php: 5.3.6
OS: centos 5.4
Web server: Apache
Ispconfig version 3: Latest
Attached Images

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