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Originally Posted by lucaspr View Post
Probably the database had to be filled. I edited all domains and it starts working.

But now I get a 404 error, I guess that's the IMAP failure bug.

Would it be hard to edit the script to add support for courier IMAP and Dovecot?

In the original script the lines which have to be edited are given. But I'm not nearly as good in scripting as you are, but I do want to help!
I definitly got to learn to read...

My DNS isn't configured for the testserver (yet) and so webserver02.hma.local doesn't work..

Created a DNS record for the testserver and changed the IMAP settings and thing work!

psykosen you are a hero (for the day )

Sogo is so much richer and nicer as Squirrelmail for webmail! When it is more mature and more finished (as in things working (eg. openchange) I will definitly install it on our production server!
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