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Originally Posted by zapyahoo View Post
Was trying this feature, if it works would be great, right now I'm running separate crons.

In CP system > Server Config > my multi server webserver > Backups
Selected a different backup directory, different hard drive
Backup Mode: Backup web files owned by web user as zip

1. The web user directory gets created in above drive but only the database gz shows up. No zip file or website files.
Because I followed the multi-server setup, don't recall any mention to unzip package, checking my server... this package is not installed.
First question, guess I need to install unzip?
any other packages to have the backups running properly?

2. Inside the /var/www/clients/client* the backup directory was also created but with no files. Should have the symlink pointing to the CP backups drive and dir or zip file. Could it be because I'm missing the zip file?

3. Would like to force 5 days of backups with daily frequency to all users. But after setting 5 days, the user client can change the setting in the website tab/backup to 10 days and other frequencies (overriding my setting)... Is this how it should be? Is there a way for force 5 days without the possibility of client override?

4. To finish, last question. Upon new website creation, is there a way to auto enable the backups with fixed daily frequency and 5 copies? for all future websites?

3) You should delete "Backup" tab from web site edit. Something, like:
File: /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/sites/templates/web_domain_backup.htm
Change everuthing to:
<h2><tmpl_var name="list_head_txt"></h2>
<p><tmpl_var name="list_desc_txt"></p>

<div class="panel panel_web_domain">

    <div class="pnl_formsarea">
    	<?php if(strip_tags($_SESSION['s']['user']['username']) == 'admin'){ ?>
        <fieldset class="inlineLabels"><legend>Backup</legend>
            <div class="ctrlHolder">
                <label for="backup_interval">{tmpl_var name='backup_interval_txt'}</label>
                <select name="backup_interval" id="backup_interval" class="selectInput">
                    {tmpl_var name='backup_interval'}
            <div class="ctrlHolder">
                <label for="backup_copies">{tmpl_var name='backup_copies_txt'}</label>
                <select name="backup_copies" id="backup_copies" class="selectInput">
                    {tmpl_var name='backup_copies'}
        <?php } ?>
        {tmpl_var name='backup_records'}

        <input type="hidden" name="id" value="{tmpl_var name='id'}">

        <div class="buttonHolder buttons">
            <button class="positive iconstxt icoPositive" type="button" value="{tmpl_var name='btn_save_txt'}" onclick="submitForm('pageForm','sites/web_domain_edit.php');"><span>{tmpl_var name='btn_save_txt'}</span></button>
            <button class="negative iconstxt icoNegative" type="button" value="{tmpl_var name='btn_cancel_txt'}" onclick="loadContent('sites/web_domain_list.php');"><span>{tmpl_var name='btn_cancel_txt'}</span></button>


4) Yes, it is. You should change the standard value the file and mysql.
File: /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web/sites/form/web_domain.tform.php
Find the line:
'backup_copies' => array (
And change the 'default' value for this array to 5.
'default'	=> '5',
Open phpMyAdmin
Table: 'web_domain' , klick to "Structure" and change the default value in the line "backup_copies" to 5.

Something like that. But first make the backup of all files and mysql.
And you should know: if you are not "friends" with php and ispconfig , you should be really careful AND you are doing it for your own risk.

P.S. Sorry, Till
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