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Exclamation API Nginx directives problems

Hello Till,

I just noticed that when you save an Nginx directive through API eg:

location / {
        rewrite "^/blogs[/]{0,1}$"   /modules/boonex/blogs/blogs.php last;
The finel results that are passed to the vhost file are:
location / {
        rewrite \"^/blogs[/]{0,1}$\"   /modules/boonex/blogs/blogs.php last; 	
As you have noticed, it adds \" where there is "
With that modification, it kills the directives and thus they can NOT work.

Is this a configuration problem or a bug (I report it in bug tracker)?

NB: I would like to make that change in the API file it self if its embeded there then will pass it to you if its a bug ...But I request that you point me to the location of the API functions on the debian server.

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