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Default Learned a bit, but still very much in doubt regarding email...


I learned a bit, but still very much i doubt regarding email.. Tested outgoing mail and it works. As a matter of fact I don't understand why it works when most smtp services are disabled at most ISP's. But never the less, I would very much like a little help regarding which port ISPConfig3/SqirrelMail uses.. I found these bits and pieces:
Default Ports:
SMTP AUTH: Port 25 or 587 (some ISPs are blocking port 25)
SMTP StartTLS Port 587
SMTP SSL Port 465
POP Port 110
POP SSL Port 995
IMAP over SSL uses 993 port, SMTP over SSL uses 465 port. SquirrelMail uses PHP TLS transport. It requires SSLv3 or TLS support on SSL enabled server. STARTTLS extensions are not supported. More information can be found in doc/authentication.txt and SquirrelMail Administrator's Guide.

Would anyone please throw me a remark regarding the command to VI or show "doc/authentication.txt" It is the path I am looking for

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