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Originally Posted by mroppolo View Post
Hello all -

I changed my ISP provider and am trying to restore my services. I have changed my DNS entry to point my new external IP Address. Time has elapsed for the DNS entry to propagate.

On my Debian server, I can successfully ping my website domain, but when I go to a browser, I get "Page cannot be displayed".

Any thoughts what could cause this ?

Thanks !

Mike, provides a free DNS service. I frequently use this service to connect to my server at home. They also have a dynamic DNS client that you can install that will update your IP address on for you when/if your IP changes.

If you don't need that, it's still a cool service to make sure you don't have some configuration problem.

Simply set the name servers as specified on their website and set your domain up after you start an account.

I think this should slove your problem.

Good luck!
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