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Post Did it - but is it the right way? Ubuntu Server 10.04 & ISPConfig3


Did what I had to do and took a chance. But was it the right way? And there are still some unanswered questions:

1. To upgrade/update Ubuntu Server 10.04 I did this:
and kept the default settings in my.conf, saslauthd, rkhunter, pop3d.conf, mysql.conf, imapd.cnf

2. To update ISPConfig i did this: and selected [stable] - No updates were available so it must have been the newest one

The ControlPanel still works but since I haven't started on the setup in the ControlPanel yet, no one knows if its still ok.

3. "Automated Update" in Ubuntu Server 10.04 - is this a CRON job or where do you change to "Manual Update"

4. CRON? Is it possible to update both ISPConfig3 and Ubuntu Server 10.04 with scripts as a CRON-job?

5. Sorry, but can't see difference between "update" and "upgrade !?! Please help specify it

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