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Default The Perfect Server - what to do when server already installed?

Apologies if this has been covered before here. It's quite hard with this topic to know what search terms to use on the forum!

I'm doing a clean install of ISPConfig3 and want to follow the "Perfect Server" guide for Debian Squeeze 6.0 (BIND & Dovecot).

Problem is it runs through the installation from CD or ISO (i.e. the full screen, menu based installation), and as part of this process it does lots of things e.g. configuring apt..., whereas my VPS is deployed as a 'vanilla install' of some sort. They simply give you the option of which distribution to install, set the disk size, root password, swap disk, and that's it.

Is there a process guide for installing The Perfect Server from a distro that has already been installed?

Hope the above makes sense


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