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Default installing isp config to opensuse 12.3

I just installed isp config to opensuse 12.3 using the perferct server example for 12.2 x64

Had a few errors that I got through with out an issue..
but during the install of isp config there was an error as listed at the bottom:

When I went to the control panel it didn't function. I took a look at /etc/groups and added:

wwwrun which was missing


This got the panel working. I'm wondering if there were any other users needed to be added to groups?

Also, pure-ftpd fails to start, I don't get much out of the logs other then this:

2013-03-13T16:43:38.108183-04:00 foxconn systemd[1]: Starting Pure-FTPd FTP server...
2013-03-13T16:43:38.115905-04:00 foxconn systemd[1]: Started Pure-FTPd FTP server.
2013-03-13T16:43:38.120166-04:00 foxconn[1998]: Running: /usr/sbin/pure-ftpd -A -c10 -B -C3 -z -D -E -fftp -H -I15 -lmysql:/etc/pure-ftpd/db/mysql.conf -L2000:8 -m4 -s -U133:022 -u40 -x -r -i -k99 -G -Z -Y1

Any ideas?

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groupmod: unrecognized option '--add-user'
Usage: groupmod [options] GROUP

-g, --gid GID change the group ID to GID
-h, --help display this help message and exit
-n, --new-name NEW_GROUP change the name to NEW_GROUP
-o, --non-unique allow to use a duplicate (non-unique) GID
-p, --password PASSWORD change the password to this (encrypted)
-R, --root CHROOT_DIR directory to chroot into

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