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Default one static IP address & 2 phisical server

Hi Folks,

I try to explane my issue

In our office we have a static IP address and have 2 server:

server #1. a pc with IIS/Windows 2005 Server

server #2. a pc with Apache/Debian 6 codename: Squeeze


we have some websites in the server #1 and we don't have any problems in the 80 port. Anyone can reach the websites in this server

Instead if we put a website in a linux path of the server #2 through the internet this website isn't visible. After to change the dns for this website the online user if digit the url address appear a website in the server #1


this issue to render the website in the server #2 trough internet?

I hope to explane well the issue and I hope to posted in the right section

thank you in advance,

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