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Default I seriously do not care if this has been posted before



I was looking for a link where I can send you a few bucks, BOOM! CONTRIBUTE LINK! sweet.

Oh, it's not asking for money, just content.

oh my god.


It's so beautiful it made me tear up a little bit (seriously) and register an account just so I could post this.

You guys rock. I didn't find an "If you love us so much you'd kill a random stranger then post here" thread so I started this one.

Also: if you have a VPS with godaddy (formerly a VDS): your relay host needs to be encapsulated in [] ie: [] not just (results in a connection timed out unable to resolve)

Falko: I find your posts all over the place helping people out and I want to make damn sure you know that we love you. I've appreciated your help for many years, I'm glad that I found the place to show my appreciation. Keep doing what you're doing, man.
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