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More links. There is a fairly complete free video here...

the original article about "gitflow" is...

and the above authors gitflow shell scripts...

I prefer "testing" instead of "develop" and "next" instead of "release" but the idea of using the master branch as a stable rolling release system is golden. Aside from using branches to support evolving code to production quality the point I like the most is that over the years the latest canonical target to fetch from can be a single persistent URL that never changes, ie; no version number tarballs that become redundant within a year hanging around in google searches. Of course one can still provide "legacy" versioned tarballs tagged from git but it doesn't have to remain the primary distribution method. Using a single git master source can lead to more dynamic and automatic ways to deploy production services in ways that are not really possible with static tarball snapshots or even versioned distro packages. Below is a simple but good example of what I mean with dynamic update possibilities...

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