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Default nginx

Checked and nginx had not started so I started it using

service nginx start
and received confirmation that the service started

Starting nginx: nginx
I then attempted to verify the firewall question since I am internal the network my firewall box wouldn't interfere so I know it's not external to the system. Looking up if Ubuntu 12.10 comes with it's own firewall I see that the ufw is a default package so I ran the command

service ufw stop
and received the notification

ufw stop/waiting

However I had previously run the command

service --status-all
and in the script listing nginx had shown a [+] next to it indicating it had not yet started, but was available (I believe, looking over the man pages there wasn't any real indication of what the [+][-][?] stood for). However the ufw service showed a [?] next to it, which I believe indicates a service that has not yet been configured that is available. Regardless I did attempt to reconnect using the commands as before using both http:// and https:// (ser and (ipforserver:8081etc) and neither connected up, still same error, the HTTPS gave me a different error, but was still consistent with the previous error.
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