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Default security_level of web document_root in 3.0.5


I want to ask, in ispconfig 3.0.4, document_root of web (folder webXXX) was owned by user:group with security_level = 20, by root:root with security_level = 10. In ispconfig 3.0.5, there is always root:root, but I want there user:group, because I need to create folders and files there.

Code in 3.0.4:

$this->_exec('chown '.$username.':'.$groupname.' '.escapeshellcmd($data['new']['document_root'])); (line 628)

Code in 3.0.5:

$app->system->chown($data['new']['document_root'],'root'); (line 728)
$app->system->chgrp($data['new']['document_root'],'root'); (line 729)

Am i missing here something? Thx.
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