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Originally Posted by tbo2k9 View Post
I have the same issue. We have configured ACL on each named server and are working with acl (allow transfer acl1,acl2,....)
This stopped now working because the input is checked and now only ip-adresses are accepted.

Could this please be changed? Nobody can remember the addresses (some acl have more than 5 addresses). We have to edit ANY zone to get this again working.
With ACL we only need to change the acl on the dns servers, which are usually less systems.

As feature request it would be nice to configure the acl centrally on the ispconfig-server.
i have the same problem over here. until now it worked when i had entered the ACL name configured in bind, as the input wasn't checked. so now it is checked more strictly and i can't edit any of the zones without loosing the ACL information. what is the suggested workaround for that? like changing the input validation in the source code?

i am NOT requesting the whole ACL setup as feature, but just to make a status quo like it was before.
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