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Default crontab -e

Thanks for the help Till.

I've must have done something to ISPConfig's root crontab.

I made an entry to cron to backup a website but nothing happened. I looked at the root crontab entry (but I don't remember what it was, only that ISPConfig was trying to use it). I deleted the cron backup request from ISPConfig and looked again at crontab and the entry was gone. At that time I recreated a crontab myself (crontab -u root filexxx) and made my own entry.

Somehow I must have gotten rid of the root crontab that ISPConfig needed to run the job queue.

So is this entry that's suppose to be in crontab for root:

* * * * * /usr/local/ispconfig/server/ > /dev/null >> /var/log/ispconfig/cron.log ???

As I've said it's no longer there. Should I edit crontab and add this entry? Can I use root crontab for my backups along with what ISPConfig needs it for?
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