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rather than sudo su, which does it's intended job, you might consider sudo -i that some people argue is the correct way of doing it. Additionally, in a hardened linux system that has root disabled, sudo su will not work, whereas sudo -i will.

After reading the Read This Before Posting again, and paying attention to the DNS problem section, I find the following:
  • The title of my original post indicated that I'm using ISPConfig 3
  • The content of my original post indicated that I'm on Debian wheezy
  • Although I have not waited 24 hours, I have inspected /etc/bind/named.conf/local and /etc/bind/zones for the appropriate changes, bypassing the dns cache issue. This was stated in my previous post.
  • I did indeed show the tail of syslog immediately after executing the scripts in my previous post. if you would like more syslog, just ask.

To be complete and follow your instructions precisely, I took another look at the ISPConfig not writing changes to disk section.. I was happy that my memory of the article was correct, it gives instructions only for those affected servers who are running the web gui. Page two of the howto which covers installing on the secondary DNS has the users set it up without the gui. I also agree with this logic, there is no need to have web interfaces everywhere.

I'm afraid I have absolutely no new content to add, other than this post which restates my first two posts.

Perhaps the problem I'm having is not clear. ns2 is for some reason not reflecting the updates that I make with the web interface that this forum addresses, which is installed and working on ns1.

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