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cfoe: Although I have a decent dislike for SVN I think your tone is getting a little bit too harsh.

Yes, good point, I certainly do not mean to offend anyone. Apologies to anyone who feels so.

Just today I pulled up a live server with ISPConfig. It took 15 minutes to actually install and reboot and then a couple of hours to get some initial users and DNS set up. It's the first CP I've ever used (aside from swearing at Plesk for a few months last year) and it was so cool to use a browser instead of the 100 bash scripts that I normally use. The only real problem I struck was missing libnss libs in a jailkit chroot so I could <ahem> use git and pull some scripts from Github.

I was going to use Zpanel (primarily because it's Github based) but the codebase is somewhat over engineered and not as mature as ISPConfig so it looks like I'm in for the long haul now and that partly explains why I am so passionate about using Github. I want to see this codebase improve as quickly as possible and, aside from the people that actually do the work, Github is the next best accelerator from cranium to the real world.
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