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Exclamation Mail Quota Inconsistencies


Today I noticed some mail quota inconsistencies. You will advice me if its a bug I create a bug report. Otherwise here it's

From ISPConfig Panel (Please see image attached)

While for the same records on the actual mail server the storage usage is as below:

zulu713:/var/vmail/ du -hs *
19M allan
239M barbara
101M bobwis
35M documentation.msa
2.6M john
4.3M joshua
61M kenneth.msa
36M livercot
821M malaba
17M martha.msa
349M maurice.msa
652M mnareeba
443M mombasa
6.6M mwanza
19M shamim
40M shipping.msa
19M smartson
818M tanzania

As you may have noticed, the actual storage on the server is way to different from what ISPConfig3 reports.

IE the last record is reported in ISPConfig as using 2.01 MB while on the server its actually consuming 818MB.

Is this a BUG?

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