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However, was my patch complex ;-)?
You talk about the gui dashlet configuration? Thats on our todo list, we wanted to put a selector for the left and right column in System > Interface config. If you have a patch for it, please feel free to send it to me. And as I said aove, if you like to submit patches more often, contact me for a svn login. There are nice tools available for svn as well

I think the one thing about ISPConfig compared to modern web systems is the UI. I have exactly the same problem on my project, fighting that now possibly more than 50% of development effort is expected to be on UI design rather than functionality, and that newer systems make more use of what can be done in a post-IE7 world due to a lack of legacy decisions. And in fact, I think cPanel, and other big control panels with old roots, have the same problem. That kind of thing, and themes, don't require such intimate systems knowledge.
I totally agree, the current theme is outdated. The themes in ispconfig are completely separated, we even made them more independant for the theme cfoe is working on but sadly even if we implemented the changes required for his theme, he has not contributed it yet. But maybe he will do in future

Theme development has not to be done in the ispconfig main svn off course but if someone has a improvement for the core or templating system required for themes then he might communicate this to us e.g. here in the forum or in our bugtracker or send me a email like the other core developers do. If a theme is finished or stable for a specific release, it would be nice if they get submitted to our svn so they get included in the next build and more users can use the theme.

For example bvbmedia submitted their theme for inclusion today:

I'd say it's an opportunity to you. You don't need to merge in the forks. With my project I actually have people sponsor development, and to my surprise someone recently was willing to pay me to merge someone else's patches in. So I think it could work for you. You need to get the communication right of course.
We are integrating patches and also doing some paid development work already which then get integrated into the official releases.

So I'am not against git in general, the problem is that it has to be handable for us so that it will not bring the development to halt by degrading core devs to bugfxing only. And rejecting contributions to the core at github is not poilte as well I fear Also we have a long history of requests in the bugtracker which I wont loose and the core devs which are doing about 99% of the work currenly like the current system and work with svn.
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