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I understand your point, but as Apache belongs to group "ispconfig", I don't see much extra security.
Did you notice that we removed the group reading policy from the file? So apache can't read it even if the apache user belongs to the group ispconfig. Thats why you got a permission error when using mod_php.

No, they are not comparable and will never be. How can an external program be faster than a linkable module? And BTW, you don't need a big setup to notice the performance difference. On the contrary, you need to squeeze any bit of speed you can when relying on few resoturces.
I said comparable and not faster. But as security does not seem to matter for you, feel free to use mod_php in future. We wont make the default ispconfig install less secure just because you dont like fastcgi.

I don't doubt that that system requirements are published in the perfect guides, but when you're running an existing installation you're not suppossed to read the guides again. I was just asking for a user-friendly feature that would save time and troubles for sysadmins running ISPConfig.
You wont have to read them again, if you followed the during your initial install, then all required modules were there. ISPConfig is notifying you for missing modules that were not required for the beginning like php5-curls when you use the new aps installer.
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