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After consume all reissues of first RapidSSL certificate, I managed to run a second RapidSSL certificate following these steps:
  1. Run self-signed SSL certificate (view supra).
  2. Generate RapidSSL CRT using our CSR and selecting Apache 2 option.
  3. Check match CRT&CSR and CRT&Key (for example, in You may have to wait a while (in my case, the first time CRT&CSR was OK but CRT&Key was KO) (after a while, both were well).
  4. In ISPConfig 3 Administration Panel, go to SSL tab, delete the self-signed CRT and paste the RapidSSL CRT in SSL Certificate field, select Save Certificate in SSL Action dropdown and click Save buttom.
I think the keys are:
  1. Select Apache 2 option in step 2.
  2. Wait for all match in step 3 before do step 4.

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