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Originally Posted by till View Post
ISPConfig uses stricter security settings now which require that all scripts of the ispconfig interface are running with the priveliges of the user "ispconfig"as you noticed you have to give less stricter permissions to the file which contains the mysql login details on your server when you use mod_php. When you use mod_php, then scripts were run as user apache.
I understand your point, but as Apache belongs to group "ispconfig", I don't see much extra security.

Originally Posted by till View Post
The performance of php-fcgi and mod_php are comparable. I've never heard a complaint yet that the ispconfig interface is too slow, so you must run a really big setup with tens of thousands of customers. How many thousand clients access the ispconfig interface on your server simultaniously and how many ram and cpu's does your server has?
No, they are not comparable and will never be. How can an external program be faster than a linkable module? And BTW, you don't need a big setup to notice the performance difference. On the contrary, you need to squeeze any bit of speed you can when relying on few resoturces.

Originally Posted by till View Post
The system requirements for ispconfig are defined in the perfect setup guides that we publish regularily for all Linux distributions and php fcgi is part of these system requirements.
I don't doubt that that system requirements are published in the perfect guides, but when you're running an existing installation you're not suppossed to read the guides again. I was just asking for a user-friendly feature that would save time and troubles for sysadmins running ISPConfig.

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