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Well said Chris, I totally agree and would like to add a few more points. There are 2 possibilities, moving from SVN to Git is one issue that should have been done a year ago (IMHO) and the other one is whether to consider Github as the primary project host. I can't see any reason NOT to use Github if for no other simplistic reason that the auto markup and presentation of a on every landing page. That makes informing first time end users from google searches a breeze. Gitorious does not provide this feature and finding project meta info is just a pain. Other superb project features are;

. organisations... for free!
. git based wiki at no extra overhead
. a good enough issue tracker
. the issue tracker gates the web interface to email AND back
. issue tracker tags means it can also be used for discussions/features
. clean interface with no ads
. half the potential NEW ispconfig contributors probably already have github accounts

Now if a move to Github is considered I would suggest 2 changes; one is to use the master branch as a stable rolling release target and develop in branches, and to split the repo so that what is currently /usr/local/ispconfig/interface/web can be independently updated from it's own repo.

I have started hacking on a theme I will push to my own Github account, fine, but I have just bumped into an issue where I want to change the layout of the dashboard but dashboard/templates/dashboard.htm has some hardwired styles... now do I jump out of the self contained theme area and change a non-theme "internal core" template or do I try to submit a patch and argue for the change to dashboard/templates/dashboard.htm so I can modify my themes CSS file instead. Easiest is to hack the non-theme file directly and move on, but, obviously that change will be overwritten by a future update. Okay so next step is to see how do I lobby for a non-theme change and submit a patch? I don't know yet and that is what has led me to this thread by searching (this somewhat cruddy forum software) for an answer to how to contribute for a first time contributor.

Frankly I still don't know how to lobby for this simple change nor how to contribute a patch and even if someone made my life so much easier by posting precise howto links I'm not sure I want to spend the time with antiquated forum/tracker software to be bothered.

And here is the kicker for me. It would be easier for me to fork a snapshot of the stable tarball and push it into my Github account and proceed without ever using an official future update. I would potentially waste less time making the changes I propose above and just managing my own ISPConfig-based project than "fighting" with project management system I otherwise have no interest in.

This is totally FWIW and all praise to the current developers for such an excellent system but I do face a dilemma on how to proceed and will have to make a decision in the next few days as I suspect I will have to start hacking on more non-theme core files to get the layout changes I want. I also next need to start on a Dspam module and that will probably need even deeper changes and then later on I have to provide domain and certificate integration (if I am going to stick with ISPConfig for the long term) and I'm really not sure I want to battle with the current project management system on top of exploring the codebase in general.
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