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Default Sctip to add SOGo to ISPConfig

hey there i have created a small script to add SOGo into ispconfig.
so fare all my test are good but only on debian,
you can find it here.

have say sice work with the new ISPConfig 3.0.5, nice to see multi php conf..
second sorry for my bad english..

now since SOGo have a LOT of possibilities, and option the script is by fare complete but it sets up what your need to use it..

when you run the script it wil add sogo mirror to your source.list
install the gnupg key and install SOGo for use w. MySQL
it give you a few options when running it,
it wil also alter your ispconfig user to allow CREATE VIEW.
it supports multi domains.
creates i basic plugin for ispconfig to create the SOGo config file and creates the needed views in order to use your mail addr to login.
one thing you need to know before running the script is that is NOT testing on a production server, AND SOGo automatic creates 3 tables per. user that login, so your ispconfig db will quickly become a large one (i'm working on a better solution for it.)

besides installing SOGo you have the following files added

Adminitrator is postmaster@DOMAIN.TLD"
if postmaster mail addr is not added go add it and login to SOGo to start administrat the domain
Enable SOGo logins by update/delete or add a mail domain and the plugin wil do the rest...


ps. i love to here if the script is a piece of **** or something you can use but need some fixes
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